Bethany Joy Lenz for Bello Magazine

In the heart of bustling Los Angeles, a city known for its relentless pace despite the traffic, there are days that stand out—days that are lit by a different kind of energy. The day I spent with Bethany Joy Lenz was one of those days, a day where the vibrant pulse of the city seemed to dance to her rhythm.

From the moment she walked into the room, it was clear that her presence transcended the typical celebrity aura. Joy, as she prefers to be called, exuded a warmth that felt like a long-overdue hug from an old friend. Her outfit, effortlessly chic—a pair of vintage jeans, boots, and a whimsical hair scarf—embodied the very essence of our photoshoot. We were here to capture her, not just as a talented actress and musician but as the remarkable woman who had gracefully navigated the often tumultuous waters of fame, challenges, and personal growth.

I couldn’t help but recall a conversation with my co-worker just days before while preparing for the interview and photoshoot. It was her reminder of how ‘One Tree Hill,’ the iconic series that Joy was a part of, had paved the way to countless other shows my generation had come to love – Gilmore Girls, Riverdale, and the Fosters to name a few. Joy’s journey through that experience, as she would reveal during our interview, was a profound one. The purpose of our photoshoot was to celebrate her new book, which delved into her past experiences within a cult during her time on the show, and it was clear that this was no ordinary assignment.

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