Bethany Joy Lenz’s ‘Playful’ New Single ‘Strawberries’ out Aug 18

When Bethany Joy Lenz moved to Nashville last summer, the actress and singer-songwriter felt inspired to write her first new single, “Strawberries.”

Lenz, 42, wrote the lively track, in which she ponders her insecurities and the unpredictability of life and love, in just two hours. The One Tree Hill alum was staying with a friend when she found herself making physical comparisons.

“I think that’s why I love the song, because I feel like it’s relatable,” she explains. “As women, I feel like we often sit in this place of comparison, and I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of the jealousy and comparison that we feel, but also how we find our sense of confidence if we don’t compare, if we can all just enjoy each other. The song felt like just a fun, playful way to address those insecurities, but also come out on top with some confidence and laughter about it.”

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